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Summer sizzled in.

After weeks of rain and cool temperatures, summer has arrived with a steamy presence. Today marks the official beginning of summer. To me it still means school is out. I can play a little bit more. And why shouldn’t we? If you live in the Northeast, winter becomes an indoor time of year with a hibernating and reflective effect. Summer releases us all from the outer skin of winter and we can feel lighter, more in touch with nature, and less inclined to ponder the state of the universe.

Play and lightness of being for adults is an extraordinary chance to release the door to creativity. Summer can be just that time for grown ups where the act of playing and the enjoyment of having fun can be the catalyst for looking at things with a new perspective – tweaking your routines.

I am encouraging myself, as well as my family and the clients I work with, to make a summer resolution: to try something that you’ve never tried before or to look at an old problem with a new vision. Instead of a New Year’s Resolution we will call it your Equinox Resolution.

Our brains and nervous system change both structurally and functionally as the result of new physical experiences. New neuro-connections have a chance to take hold at any age. So use the summer to get physical, spark creativity, and challenge yourself to a personal adventure.

Put your Equinox Resolution in a special place and open in on Labor Day. I’m going to write mine right now – how about you?