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Parenting Coordination & Therapy for Parents

Protecting children from parental conflict is a crucial aspect of avoiding complications down the line. In parent coordination, a therapist is enlisted to help make concerted decisions and source resources in the best interests of children, during divorce or other familial or domestic conflict. Dr. Smerling has extensive experience providing parent coordination and has assisted in this capacity in a variety of circumstances.

Parent coordination combines many of Dr. Smerling’s strengths including focusing on the needs of the children, exploring family dynamics, and creating new family dynamics and attachments.

Court-directed: In cases in which the parents are not capable of organizing parent coordination themselves, this type of treatment is court-mandated to provide better outcomes for the children, and to alleviate the stress of the parents.

Parent-requested: Other times this treatment is sought out by parents who understand the impact these high-conflict situations can have on their children. In these cases, a cooperative co-parenting routine is established for the duration of the event or conflict.

Dr. Smerling has also provided media interviews and talks regarding her expertise in parenting coordination in the following areas:

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