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One on One Therapy for Children & Young Adults

Children benefit from one-on-one therapy at particularly transformative times in their lives. Individual child therapy often requires a deft approach. It must recognize the child’s developmental level and needs, their attachment needs, and the impact their relationships have on their lives.

Dr. Smerling establishes a supportive relationship with younger clients, wherein her expertise allows the child to better manage difficult times and ultimately find success through the following applications:

Play Therapy: Play therapy uses a variety of play and creative arts techniques to alleviate chronic, mild and moderate psychological and emotional conditions that could be the underlying cause of problems, or are preventing children from realizing their potential. Sand therapy and dramatic play, for example, provide children with a variety of possible outlets with which to express themselves.

Traditional Interactive Therapy: For older children dealing with psychological and emotional conditions, illness, or suffering the impact of divorce or challenging social environments, Dr. Smerling utilizes dynamic, interactive, and collaborative therapy techniques.

Community Resources: Dr. Smerling takes particular pride in having an extensive knowledge of the community resources available to children, which can be used in conjunction with therapy to further support their successes.

Dr. Smerling firmly believes that parental actions affect young children, and therefore children are never treated in isolation from their parents. Dr. Smerling requires that parents be involved in their children’s therapy, as they are in their lives, but doesn’t necessarily bring them into the room during therapy.

Dr. Smerling has also provided media interviews and talks regarding her expertise in child therapy in the following areas:

We brought my daughter to Dr. Smerling for anger issues that are being exacerbated by puberty. I was a little nervous about it, but she is located in a very well-regarded area, and she had great credentials, and I found her office did feel like a safe space. I’ve only been going with my daughter for a couple of sessions, and then she went on her own a couple of times, but so far, I think it’s been helping us keep the peace in the household. She’s skilled, my daughter seems calmer.

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