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One on One Therapy & Psychotherapy

One-on-one therapy for adults focuses on clarifying internal thought processes with present day reality. Dr. Smerling regularly meets with individuals who are experiencing crisis, conflict, and loss of confidence. She provides an empathetic ear and a mindful approach to handling life’s challenges. During individual therapy, Dr. Smerling establishes long-term supportive therapeutic relationships for some, and short-term issue-focused relationships for others.

Short-term therapy: Individuals who are specifically focused on a challenging life-crisis may benefit from a short-term approach in therapy. In these instances, Dr. Smerling focuses on helping her clients in a pro-active and timely manner. Once they have made significant progress and their shorter-term therapy goals are achieved, Dr. Smerling maintains contact with them and remains available for check-in appointments and follow-up consultations.

Long-term therapy: Long-term therapy is often used in scenarios in which patients are struggling with deep-seeded issues resulting from more extreme situations and challenges.  They can vary in length, and the treatment model is determined as needed. Each session is tailor-made based on the needs and goals of the patient, as well as their progress in therapy.

Dr. Smerling has also provided media interviews and talks regarding her expertise in one on one therapy in the following areas:

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