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Couples Therapy & Relationship Counseling

At the onset of commitment within a relationship, or during trying times, couples often experience stress and confusion that can impact their ability to grow together and maintain a heartfelt connection. Dr. Smerling specializes in clarifying and deepening a couples’ connections through:

Pre-marital therapy: For couples just starting their lives together, Dr. Smerling utilizes a pro-active approach to help couples establish healthy communication patterns and develop habits that positively impact and promote life-long relationships. She explores with each couple their unique dynamics, addressing the underlying emotions, motivations, and behaviors in exploration of healthier patterns.

Relationship counseling: For couples who, whether through a specific circumstance or just the general course of their marriage, have lost their intimate connection, Dr. Smerling provides counseling to resolve conflict and to create healthier patterns of behavior. Her approach is interwoven with new discoveries in the neurobiology of emotions, which explore cycles and attachment issues, and work to create validation and secure bonds in the relationship.

Dr. Smerling has also provided media interviews and talks regarding her expertise in couples therapy and relationship counseling in the following areas:

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