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Parenting Coordination & Therapy for Parents

Protecting children from parental conflict is a crucial aspect of avoiding complications down the line. In parent coordination, a therapist is enlisted to help make concerted decisions and source resources in the best interests of children, during divorce or other familial or domestic conflict. Dr. Smerling has extensive experience providing parent coordination and has assisted in this capacity in a variety of circumstances.

Parent coordination combines many of Dr. Smerling’s strengths including focusing on the needs of the children, exploring family dynamics, and creating new family dynamics and attachments.

It’s for good reason that people often say parenthood is the hardest job one can have. Raising young people is no walk in the park, and every parent will face difficulties and moments of uncertainty. Some couples are looking for a little guidance on how to acquire better parenting skills, while others are seeking advice on how to raise their children following a separation or divorce. Whatever your reason may be, a parent coordinator may be exactly what your family needs.

In addition to helping clients with parental conflicts, Dr. Smerling also assists parents in New York City approach various challenges that may arise with their children, such as:

  • Children that are experiencing prejudice or being bullied in school
  • Dealing with divorce and co-parenting
  • Issues related to substance abuse, such as drugs and alcohol
  • Speaking with children about sex, sexuality, and relationships
  • Struggles with schoolwork or making decisions about college
  • Fights and arguments in the home over chores, studying or behavior
  • Fights with siblings, family members, teachers, or classmates
  • Raising kids on the Upper East Side not to be spoiled or selfish
  • Children that have been adopted
  • Children being raised in a single-parent household
  • Children who have suffered the loss of a loved one

Court-Directed vs Parent-Requested

In cases in which the parents are not capable of organizing parent coordination themselves, this type of treatment is court-mandated to provide better outcomes for the children, and to alleviate the stress of the parents. Other times this treatment is sought out by parents who understand the impact these high-conflict situations can have on their children. In these cases, a cooperative co-parenting routine is established for the duration of the event or conflict.

Regardless of the reason behind seeking a parent coordinator, the main goal is to have a neutral third party make suggestions that are unbiased and always in the best interest of the children. A parenting coordinator will try to gain understanding into why there are conflicts and may meet with both parents and children together, such as in family therapy, or meet with them separately.


Get Started With Parenting Coordination

If you feel that you need a parent coordinator, or if you’d like to learn more, please reach out online or by phone at (212) 794-6057. You can also book your initial consultation quickly and easily directly from our website. Simply click the “Book Now” button on the lower left-hand side of the screen, and select the date and time that is best for you. Both in-person and virtual sessions are available.


Parenting Coordination FAQ

What does a parent coordinator do?

A parenting coordinator is an individual who has been specifically trained to focus on helping people to co-parent or to manage their parenting plan. This is generally done through resolving various disputes, identifying patterns in behavior, and improving overall communication. Further, the role of a parenting coordinator will vary for each family based upon their needs and, when necessary, what the court requires.

What is the difference between a mediator and a parent coordinator?

A parenting coordinator and a mediator are similar in that both are neutral third parties who assist in establishing a resolution. Oftentimes, a mediator is appointed during divorce proceedings to help both individuals reach a resolution in a timely, calm manner, generally before the matter ends up in court. However, in the case of a parenting coordinator, this individual’s primary concern is for the children, rather than that of the couple. While a court may appoint a parenting coordinator, the parents may also choose to bring one into the case on their own initiative.

How do I choose a parenting coordinator?

When choosing a parenting coordinator, it’s best to find an individual that has been properly trained and has handled situations similar to your own. Knowing that your parent coordinator has the proper credentials will give you some peace of mind and help you to trust that they are qualified to provide their advice and opinions regarding your children.

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