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Dr. Smerling was recently quoted in a piece about how traveling together can keep the spark alive in your relationship on Bustle.com. She’s quoted as saying:

Finding “couple time” is not only “highly important” but in fact, “crucial”, Dr. Kathryn Smerling, New York City based psychotherapist tells Bustle.

“If you’re no longer making an effort or if there’s a lack of interest in an attempt to find quality time together, it could be a potential sign of trouble in the relationship. The end could be near!” Smerling says. “If you’re becoming irrelevant to each other, the relationship is not worth finding time for. But if you find you’re still trying to make it work and squeeze couple time into your busy schedules, there are ways to get creative and squeeze in date time without compromising each other’s commitments and obligations.”

Smerling suggests doing things like being spontaneous. Surprise your partner with something totally unexpected that breaks away from your daily routine. It’s also important to “get physical” without having it be about sex. “Just make sure when you’re together, you’re not showing any physical signs of distance,” Smerling says. “Small intimate gestures, when passionate and thoughtful, mean alot and go a long way. Studies have previously shown that actions as simple as holding hands can make your relationship much stronger.”

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