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Dr. Smerling was recently quoted in a piece about not connecting with your child post partum by Romper.com. She’s quoted as saying:

Bonding leads to attachment, and “attachment is the lasting psychological connectiveness between human beings,” writes Dr. Kathryn Smerling, PhD, citing the work of attachment theorist John Bowlby. According to Smerling, the most important way to foster attachment with your baby is to be there to comfort her, and to respond to her. Remember that infants crave interaction. When attachment is reciprocal, it’s known as attunement.

Attunement — the word alone is beautiful, but this harmonious connection between parent and child can take time to achieve. “No one is ready for the experience of being a parent,” Smerling tells Romper, so keep in mind that love can grow. “Don’t give up at all,” she advises. “Never give up on trying.”

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