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My heart is breaking for my Liberian friends. For the past two years, I have witnessed and participated in the transformation of an extraordinary vision into an even more extraordinary reality, the African Dream Academy. Reverend Sam Enders, the visionary and our remarkable leader, has assembled, with ‘spit and spirit’, a community of 275 children and their families. Not only does the school provide the only free public education in the country but also it gives the families food, employment opportunities and parenting support.

The looming scourge of the Ebola virus is threatening this incredible dream turned reality and the progress it represents!

In the context of poverty and lack of running water, the virus has found its ‘perfect storm’ in Liberia. Schools have closed and everyone with an American passport has been asked to leave. But Sam and his staff have remained and have mobilized 300 volunteers to fight Ebola through education and prevention.

On a personal note, I recall when my mother told me that her younger brother had died of Diphtheria. I was shocked. At that time, Diphtheria had already been conquered with modern medicine, increased prevention and cleanliness. I look forward to the time when the Ebola virus has a similar fate.

My friends, please help Liberia. Please go to https://www.crowdrise.com/africandreamacademyi to see what you can do. However small or large, you can be a part of a global solution!