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Today feels like the first day of Fall, although by the calendar date Fall commenced almost two weeks ago. The days feel shorter, there is a briskness in the air, and my body clock is responding to the change of season. Physically and emotionally, our bodies accommodate to temperature and light. And although Fall is a season of bright colors and clear blue skies, it is also the time of transition to the darker period of Winter.

Each season, I try to make new goals for myself in keeping with the mood of Nature. I have been doing this for a while and find it to be a very reassuring and simple exercise, which makes me feel more harmony both in my inner life and with the outer world. Changing up your form of exercise, changing up patterns, and doing more things inside give us a chance to reflect and grow in the Winter months. Recalibrating yourself to meet seasonal changes can keep you motivated even in the dark days of Winter.

This may be a good time to hatch a plan for a creative endeavor. To learn a new language, to take up yoga, etc. I have found that setting up a project, creating goals, and giving yourself something to look forward to helps to lift the grey in the outside world.