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Becoming a mother was the best thing that ever happened to me. I grew up with my son. He taught me patience, humility, forgiveness, and a selfless kind of loving. He probably taught me more than I learned in many psychology classes. Yet this journey is not without its inherent anxieties, frustrations, and limitations. And maybe, that is my biggest lesson; we help create a life, yet we cannot manage it. After a certain point “the dye is cast” and one can only accept and love the unfinished person for having a life of his own.

On Mother’s Day there’s a pressure to “feel appreciated.” Maybe this Mother’s Day you can take the time to look in the mirror and reflect on the personal accomplishments that you have made as a mother. Look at the positive things you have done as a parent. It’s lovely to get flowers and cards, but the real satisfaction comes from knowing you did the best job you could.

Happy Mother’s Day.