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Dr. Kathryn Smerling’s blog reflects her thoughtful approach. It is intended to provide readers with both philosophical and practical advice, which can be integrated into their lives. This approach supports her belief that therapy is not limited to the office or the couch, but instead provides a powerful choice for a better life overall.

Please feel free to comment on the blog and engage in conversation with Dr. Smerling. You’ll also find recommended readings associated with the blog that may help in furthering your understanding of the topics covered.

Virtual therapy, other ways to get support amid coronavirus

The fact that we can’t physically go in to therapists’ offices right now doesn’t mean we don’t still need them. On the contrary – getting social support in a time of crisis is more important than ever.

When a physical door closes, a virtual one opens: Therapists all over the country are responding to the coronavirus pandemic by getting creative with ways in which they can help clients and are suggesting other ways people can get the social support they need while being quarantined at home.

“I think too many people suffer because they don’t make their needs known,” says Dr. Kathryn Smerling, a family psychotherapist based in New York City, who highlighted the idea that grief is not restricted to those who have directly contracted the virus or lost a loved one.

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Protecting your loved ones amid the coronavirus pandemic

It’s starting to get hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It doesn’t help matters that there’s so much conflicting information going around, which is why we turned to leading experts to find out exactly how and what we should be cleaning, what to look for when shopping for disinfecting products (did you know hormone disruptors are lurking in many household products?), how to stock your medicine cabinet, tips for warding off the blues, and more.

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Maintaining balance while social distancing: How to keep your mental and physical health in check

As the number of coronavirus cases surges across the area, so has anxiety.

Emotions run the gamut as many of us navigate unfamiliar territory.

The uncertainty bundled with social distancing — and what has probably boiled to cabin fever, in most cases — may be taxing, but mental health professionals say it’s more important than ever to maintain structure.
“We’ve never dealt with anything like this before,” explained psychotherapist Dr. Katherine Smerling.

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Wall St. Bros Get Infected by Flakey LA Fad

  Dr. Smerling was recently quoted in a piece about Wall Street bros being really into crystal healing right now on NYPost.com. She’s quoted as saying: “This is still a quest for material things. They’re still spending money on buying the most expensive or rarest...

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Why You Should Never Be Ashamed of Your Divorce

Dr. Smerling was recently quoted in a piece about why you should never be ashamed of your divorce on Yahoo.com, Cosmopolitain.com, and RedBookMag.com. She’s quoted as saying: Divorce is ultimately about getting a fresh start, and wanting a better life is nothing to be...

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