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Dr. Smerling was recently quoted in a piece about Beau Biden’s widow being in a new romantic relationship on Pix11.com. She’s quoted as saying:

“This is a relationship that is often created out of a bond of mourning,” psychotherapist Dr. Kathryn Smerling told PIX11 News.

Smerling says creating a connection in a time of grief is pretty common.

“It’s based upon family, its based upon tradition, it’s based upon history,” she explained. “It’s not based on anything which is a fly by night kind of encounter like meeting someone at Starbucks – this is a deep connection.”

Developing relationships through sadness and empathy, much like Hunter and Hallie did, often brings about bonds stronger than most unions, according to Smerling.

Described as a “levirate” relationship, some have materialized during prominent events in history like WWII and 9/11 and they have flourished amid the noise of salacious headlines and unfounded claims.

“To look at two people who have found happiness out of tragedy and for them to have bonded and found happiness in the wake of all of that is good news to them,” said Smerling.

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