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Publications & Media

Frequently interviewed by the media, Dr. Smerling’s range of expertise and access to information, as well as her involvement in her community at large, make her an ideal subject for interviews on a variety of topics related to therapy and current events.



Contributor to Autism Speaks Package for the “First 100 Days of Diagnosis

Instep, an early childhood curriculum for the State of New Mexico (Random House)

Related Projects

  • Developed Scaffold Curriculum for Columbia University Department of Neuropsychiatry
  • Development of Emotional Empathic Curriculum for Residents and Interns at Mount Sinai Hospital Department of OBGYN
  • Created Workshop Support Group for Divorced Parents at Brick Church
  • Therapist and Group Facilitator, Veritas Prevention Services, New York, NY (1998-1999)
  • Continuing Involvement in autism awareness through New York Center for Autism, and Autism Speaks.
    Founding member of the Young Friends at The Ackerman Institute for The Family.


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