New York Post article on New Luxury Playtime Perks

New York Post article on New Luxury Playtime Perks

Kathryn Smerling, Ph.D. recently quoted in April 23rd’s New York Post article on New Luxury Playtime Perks. “No child will appreciate the joy of sharing an intimate experience with a parent if this is the norm” – Upper East Side … Continue reading



Upper East Side Family Therapy

Dr. Kathryn Smerling is a leading Upper East Side family therapy professional who uses connection, communication, and community to bring people to a better life.

With a firm belief in this perspective, Dr. Smerling views therapy as a practice people should be proactive about. She advises clients to come to her before problems arise, so that they are better equipped if and when they do. “You don’t need to wait for a crisis to learn how to self-reflect and be mindful.” Those who make therapy part of their life have a clearer grasp on themselves, their health, and their direction.

Giving back is also a crucial part of Dr. Smerling’s philosophy on being healthy. She encourages her clients to engage in this practice, and does so herself through frequent community service. She also participates in speaking engagements and television interviews to share her approach both locally and globally.

With a lifelong curiosity, Dr. Smerling is constantly learning in areas related to her field. Currently, she is pursing accreditation in emotionally focused therapy and learning about the neurobiology of emotions. While always on the cutting edge of knowledge and academia, Dr. Smerling recognizes the deep need for the real-world application of therapy to life. She always targets a balance of pedagogy and practicality in her psychotherapy approach.


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